So I watched CRUMB last night.

I watched Crumb last night.

And it made me want to try out cross etching.

I'm really not too good at it.

I think I'm going to stick to what I usually do.


  1. that's okay, cross etching is for squares...or rhombusss'ss. something like that.

  2. This is great for a first shot. When you're cross hatching you need to take the curvature of the object into account and make the lines form to it. If you kept messing around with it I think it would work really well with your style.

  3. Thanks for the advice Polish cops, me and my brother have your stickers on our doors.

    and thanks for the kind words shadow-bride, I don't have any stickers of you anywhere.

  4. well you absolutely HAVE to make a sticker of me! it's an order. mister.

  5. also look what you made me do! i made a blogger to view your fantastic art.
    i really do love it!